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Mein Auto: E63 coming soon...
Originally Posted by Electricchild
"i dont think i will buy the first year model...going for second or third!!"

Not to sound rude... but you're only like 15 or 16 years old... assumingly just acquired a license... and you are thinking about buying an M3? Uhhh what do you do to afford a 55k car? Or is it mom and dad behind the money--- don't worry I am not ashamed to admit that my father bought this car for me... but I would never ever tell anyone that I bought it--- that would just be wrong!

yes my parents is going to be behind the money....but i will pay them back when i get the money. i dont like to own anybody money when i buy the 2nd or 3rd year e90 M3 ill be 18 or 19..its gonna be easier for me to pay my parents back the money then to the bank (dont u think so?) .....yes i no u r wondering how can my parents trust me with mom bought me my first car the nissan 240sx about 3k and i already payed her back

soon to come...E63

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