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Originally Posted by Electricchild
"Let me tell you sijia, paying back 3k and 60k is not the same thing. You will not be able to pay back 60k for a very long time. Your allowance doesn't count either."

Yeah I know--- at least not until you're out of college with a career. (And a decently good one (60k+ a year) at that).

"Allowance" doesn't count considering it's your parents money anyway.

well....electricchild......u live in Seattle WA....but i live in LA....chinese ppl from LA is different from aunt lives in cousioun bought the car herself. but over here in LA...most of the parents buy their kid the expensive car..... my friends parents buy them the expensive german cars...but over there in seattle that wont happen. and your right im not gonna pay back the whole 60k.

soon to come...E63
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