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Originally Posted by Cowboy Bebop
good idea to always check it after a dealer service (if you don't change your own oil) as many of them tend to Overfill these cars for some reason and you might need to have it syphoned off a bit.

Possibly, but a more likely scenario is they fill it 1/2 or 3/4 qt. low.

Say a dealer does 250 oil changes a month and shorts each one 1/2 qt. (how many owners would notice 1/2 qt? "Well I just shut it down, so probably ok after it drains down."

250 * 0.5 qt = 125 qt @ $10 qt = $1250 more per month in dealer's pocket and everyone is still happy [except for the one nut-job like me who checks it out]

I have found this exact scam several times. (Ford, not BMW, but who knows?)

If you want to be "cool" and try to straighten them out without ruining the relationship, try saying, "I want you to take this back in and make sure the drain plug isn't leaking because I found the oil 1/2 qt low after only a few miles driving..."

Wasn't it Reagan who said, "Trust, but verify?"

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