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Originally Posted by LMC
Well, there is this little red guy with horns on my shoulder who keeps yelling in my ear, but I'm trying to ignore him... I may just stand pat.
Yeah, I'm hip. Besides, what with the price of premium benzine hovering around $3 per gallon, $2.5k reckoning you put 8 - 10k miles on it a year and you average 20mpg that should pay for a couple of years worth of go-go juice for it.

Originally Posted by LMC
Is your order in?
Unforunately, not yet. Can't get NA to give us an allocation. Must be all of those years of Bangle-bashing comments catching up to me. If so, hey NA, I was only kidding. It now only takes a half ounce of crack for me to start thinking your designs are tolerable, whereas before it took a full ounce. So lighten up, eh? As anyone can see considerable progress is being made here.

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