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When will I EVER going to drive this fast again.. so break in goes bye bye... however, i never red lined it.. I accelerate smoothly and never went past 5500RPM and for brief periods...

I held max speed for 3 time max 5 mins each time

most of the time I was going 120MPH if I can RPM was like 4K

Stats of first day:
Distance traveled 449 miles
max speed 135MPH
Avg Speed 65MPH
Fuel consumption 21.5MPG
Fuel cost 120 swiss francs
Sever Traffic violations 3: unintentionally ran red light in Munich .. unintentionally drove on the wrong side of the road in Lucrane .. Intentionally drive at 110MPH in 100K/H zone
Near miss: 1 minor while backing up, almost hit a stupid post.. 1 MAJOR... ran out of road on the left before construction, at 120MPH... The breaks on this car really work.. Was not intentional though, but used a lot of my karma points on that one

ED 9/22
ReDelivery 11/18
1st ticket (82 @ 65) 11/22 [gone ]
1st scratch 11/24
2nd ticket (STOP) 11/30 [Talked my way out ]
1st Accident 1/4
3rd ticket (62 @ 45) 2/1
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