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So, I had this thread printed out as I went out to the Roady this evening to check the bulbs. The ones on the passenger side are giving me issues: fan control light out (seemingly permanently) and oil temp light comes on with a frim "jiggle" from the heal of my palm a couple of times. Everything was going great until I tried to disconnect the head unit connector. I pulled the little guard thingy up, but it didn't want to come all the way up, judging by the channels on the side. Couldn't easily detach the cable connections with it like that, either. What am I doing wrong? With the head unit hanging out of the opening buy the taught loom, I was unable to do much at all, other than verify the fan control light was in fact connected, but the bulb seemingly burned out.

Other than that issue, this thread has been invaluable, prompting me to attempt something I normally wouldn't want to, for fear of screwing up something minor that costs money to repair.
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