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new pics of the 02

1st-first of all, i went to the junkyard and got seats out of a 525. they are power and heated (all still works). i had to cut the factory seat mounts out, and these basically sit on the floor. there is about 1/2 cm room on each side in between the seats and the door sills. the rear seats mounted ok too. i had to take off the leather, cut some foam/metal, then re-wrap the leather. i love the way it turned out. the reason for 5er seats is because it's my daily driver, and i didn't want anything too sporty. btw, i got front and rear seats for $75!!!

2nd-i needed new carpet in it, but i didn't want to spend $200 on a kit, so, i did it myself. i bought about 2.5 yards of carpet (very high quality). it came to about $60.

here are before and after pics-

next, i experimented with some stripes on my hood. i'm not sure if i'm going to keep them or not yet, but wanted some input. thanks!
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