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Originally Posted by ImperialDuckM3
Originally Posted by BeRzErKaS
It's not fair to assume the e36 is prone to failure just by looking at the posts in this forum. The average e36 is turning 11 years old and can be had for right around 5k. This has resulted in rather heavy influx of new bimmer owners who are all having the same problems. Problems that are common to just about any car thats creeping up on it's 11th birthday.

I always try to advise others to "Mod Smart." A properly maintained and well modified e36 will last well into the 200k range.

Anyway, below is my current mod list. I went through all the stages of naturally aspirated mods then realized I needed FI to make real power. I sold most of the N/A mods and started over w/ the S/C kit. She is slowly evolving into a auto-x/track rat. I still have quite a ways to go but right now she's just a really fun daily driver. I should have all the suspension work done by next spring which should make for a really interesting auto-x season. [img]images/smilies/thumb.gif[/img]

June 2003 - 1994 BMW 325is (Bone Stock)

ERT Stage 1 Supercharger (8 --Excellent choice in power - Thanks
GFB Hybrid BPV
SPAL 16" Slimline

Upgraded Behr Radiator --- Doesn't really consider that upgrade - My fault, I should clarify: the Behr radiator is larger than stock and requires special bracketry

Custom CAI
Vibrant Perf Cat-Back
Fan Delete-- Good upgarde if your cities are not prone to traffice jam - Between the larger radiator, water wetter, and SPAL fan my engine stays cooler than a polar bears toe nails...even in NYC traffic...with the A/C on..

ASC Delete-- Good upgrade, but all you need to do is deactive it. Don't really need to delete.
1) Removing the ACS throttle body is neccessary to properly route the S/C piping.
2) Removal of the butterfly helps maintain a more laminar air flow into the main TB. (quicker throttle response, faster boost buildup)
3) Pressing the ACS+T button does not completely deactivate ACS. It just delays it's trigger point. If you were to SERIOUSLY lose it at high speed, ACS would still kick in. (rather annoying when on a road course!)

Cruise Control Delete-- Doesn't consider an upgrade ...maybe not. But it certainly qualifies as a "modification"

CharCan Delete-- Also doesn't consider upgrade ^Same

- snip -
But I think you did a great job in modding your car (espically the SC).

My mod on my 328

--M50 intake manifold

-- Eurospeed/AA software

-- S52 cams

-- 3.91LSD diff

-- CAI

-- Exhaust (Stromung)

My M3

-- M50 intake manifold

-- Exhaust

-- CAI

-- 3.32LSD diff

Of course all of the authesis side that doesn't add any HP for both my M3 and 328 are: Rims, shock/spring lower, clear all corners, ICE, etc.....
^^^ LoL...I'm sure posting like this is really gonna confuse some people!

Hey, you have a 3.91LSD in your 328? Is it an automatic or do you have some kinda crazy race gearing going on there??
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