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Mein Auto: 2006 325i Barrique
Originally Posted by firefightermdc
when you are driving and you turn the wheel back and forth a bit, or go into a turn, listen to the noise. If the pitch changes, its a wheel bearing (mine is doing this now, going in next week to fix) if not, probably the carrier
K. I've jacked the car up and turned both wheels. Nothing. They turn rather freely (the brake hisses but, based on my previous experiences, that is normal.) and there is no binding. I am also assuming that turning the wheels by hand will create enough pressure to make the bearings bind if they are bad right? As far as the carrier goes, is it toward the front of the car? Since this is the first german car I have fooled with, will removing the driveshaft require any thing above and beyond loosening it and dropping it to access the carrier? Thanks so much again for the replies so far!
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