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If you like the wheels, buy them. If you like the brake disks, buy them also. And the money you save will buy some nice tires and other goodies. Especially after you sell the stock wheels and tires.

The ZCP has some nice stuff, but IMO, it is over priced. But if all you are after is the looks, go for it. Some of us are more into function and 19" wheels have a harsher ride, are harder to find, are more expensive, and less available in track sizes. The cross drilled brake rotrs crack under heavy use. We don't run DSC at ALL on the track. The steering rack would be nice. And yes, the color is nice.

BTW cross drilled rotors came about to get rid of gases evolved under very heavy braking on teh track. Teh holes allowed the gases to escape rather than holdign the pad slightly above the surface. They promoe cracking. That's why serious race cars run slotted rotors if they need them, or plain rotors as new pad materisl don't have the gassing problems older pads did.

But people like the LOOK, thinking it looks liek arace car, but it no longer does.
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