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It Happened To Me

This almost exact thing happened to me on fri night. i was in my room and my mother in law runs in and said someone just busted off the mirror of my wifes lexus. i grab my keys and jump in. me and her hubby jump in the car and the chase is on. i end up catching them aout a mile down the road. i follow them until they pul into an apt complex. two people get out of the back, him and i hop out and get ready to brawl because we know there are at least 2 more in the front seats so we need to even the odds pretty quick. the drivers take off and the two that got out run. so we follow the car. it goes all over the city with its lights off. we end up getting them stopped and they get out. there is still 3 in the car lol. but luckily they didnt loose any teeth, one of them took off imediatly. but all the while we are on my cell giving the police te directions we are going. so they are there about 15 seconds after we get them stopped. the have weed, beer, no insurance, suspended liscense, and under 21. they only got 2 tickets, no ins and liscence, but i am still pressing charges and the guys dad him and the thrower came to my house saying they would pay for damages if we dropped charges. come to find out they threw a bottle of bacardi at my car and it hit the door and busted, thats where she heard the glass sound from. it smashed up my door pretty good.
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