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Originally Posted by Haaatschi
I am posting this to check if there are more "Youngtimer" enthusiasts out there!

It really is a big movement in Germany (where I come from originally) right now. People in their 20s and 30s often buy these old cars from some pensioners that kept them like babies. Many of these cars were sooo uncool when we were kids (or we could not afford them) - now they only cost 2000 or 3000 bucks they have kind of a cult following. I am not that familiar with US family sedans of the 80s but imagine our kids start buying Camrys, Impalas, Accords, Explorers, Tahoes and Sonatas (or any current BMW for that matter) in 20 years and find it way cool to decorate them with Winnie the Pooh sun protectors from today, browse ebay for CDs from Celine Dion or Kelly Clarkson that they can use in these old stock CD radios. I know people who only listen to tapes from the 80s in their E30s ;-) And yet, it's not that snobby "oldtimer" (does that term exist in the US) crowd with their vintage cars that are worth 10s and 100s of thousands. If your youngtimer breaks - get another one. It's only a few thousand bucks - not a big loss. Dirt or daily wear and tear are acceptable and desired. We don't want to worship the car - we want to honor it by still using it. That's the spirit I enjoy so much.

I, for example, own a BMW 325 from 1987 - a car that I always dreamed about as a teenager. And I make a point of not giving it the high school kid treatment that many of these vehicles receive today (lowering, tuning, wide tires, loud exhaust). I keep it true to the original spec and the era it was built in.

It's an affordable and fun hobby. If there are more people with that passion around, one could think about joining forces and organizing excursions, "rallyes", monthly meetings and other fun stuff.

So if you are purposefully driving your BMW E21, E28, E30, E32 or any other from the 70s, 80s and early 90s just drop me a line if you think this is something for you. I'll see how it goes and start something if I hear from a few people.


After driving an 84 and a 2000 3 series back to back for a few years, I have to say: I hope I always can drive my E30. Fundamentaly they are very similar in driving dynamics. I still get the fealing that the E46 is just an extension/update to the E30. Honestly I dont see how one can truly appreciate one without driving the other. I imagine the fealings to be similar when driving the 2002s, 3.0, or whatever. I love the old M10 engines. They have little power, but are bulletproof. I seized one up in my younger days from overheating. I let it cool down added water, and the sucker started up. Granted it didnt last long beyond that, but still.
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