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Originally Posted by Malibubimmer
I think I've got you all beat. Look at my sig, below. The 3.0CS was a lovely car to own, and expensive to maintain in its perfect condition (and I sold it for $22,000, having bought it new in Santa Monica for $11,000 exactly in 1972), but it wasn't very sophisticated.

The new Bimmers are clearly the best. I've driven 5 decades of them, from my father's 1969 2800CS, to the cars listed below.

In terms of driving precision and stability, there is nothing on the road that can match the new Bimmers. The Z3 was fun but gutless (though it tramlined horribly), and the 630CS and 633CSi were the best of the under-powered, over-regulated, horrible automobiles that were being foisted on Americans in the last 70s and early 80s.

You can get misty-eyed about the old Bimmers, but there is nothing that comes close to the current cars (though the 1972-4 2002Tii was a lot of fun).
I'm going to disagree with you.

The problem you have with the "classic" BMWs is that you owned every lame old BMW in the book. My 88 M6 will kick the crap out of your new 8 series, err 6 series. I've driven the 650 and you don't have the same relationship with the road, plus everything is governed for you; oh and my M6 it's good looking to boot unlike the new Banglelized BMWs. The new BMWs are dummied down for the masses.

My DINAN 750iL will not only kick the crap out of the new 7 series, but unlike the new ones is gorgeous to look at.

The only newer BMW that interests me was the Z8 because of its simple use of modern technology, so I bought one. The X3, well it's a daily driver.

No offense intended, just wanting to set the record straight.

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