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Exclamation Dash Pixels on 5'er series, NOT GOOD NEWS for used.

Just left the BMW dealer in Hilton Head South Carolina.

Bad news from what the service manager at Hilton Head told me. I will tell you what he said, and you folks can tell me if you think this guy is full of beans or not. He tells me regarding the repair of the LED read out doo dads above the steering column.

1) He stated that this is a dealer specific opt in. In other words; the dealer that sold the car, can fix the car. No other dealers will be allowed to do this "good faith" repair as he put it. If they are not the ones that put that car on the streets new from Germany, they can fix the car under this little deal.

2) The original owner of my car missed some of the services. This manager stated that if you or the previous owner missed services. NO DICE. Services have to be up to date with no misses. Apparently, in 107,000 miles, my car was serviced 4 times! (although I think that the original owner didn't like paying BMW shop rates and had them done at a German motorwerks type shop)

3) This gift of faith is only good to the original owner.

4) He stated that my 540i/6 had too many miles to qualify for a good faith repair on the dash pixels.

I then asked about replacing the entire instrument cluser (as mentioned before in this thread) it is $600. For about $400 the manager said that he heard that there is a company somewhere that has been known to replace these little micro LED's. But then you get NO WARRANTY whereas for 600 bones, if you just replace the whole instrument panel you get a two year BMW warranty, and then as soon as 1 fricken pixel goes out, you get it replaced....hopefully every two years.

I asked about going to a salvage yard and replacing the cluster with a junked set of instruments (hopefully with working micro LED's) and he said that it would not work?!!! So why would a NEW cluster from BMW work, but a used one from a salvage yard not work??? I read here that the cluster has to be reprogrammed once replaced, so wouldn't that be the same process for a used instrument cluster? Have it programmed at a cost from BMW?

****, I'm so screwed, there is no way the wife is going to let me plop down $600 bones for a new instrument cluster. This blows. My dash looks like ass with half of the LED's out.

Any thoughts? Is this manager full of **** or what?
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