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Originally Posted by worldtraveler
I searched Ebay last night for 6 hours. Yes....6 hours. Of the 3055 BMW parts on Ebay I found 5 Bmw instrument clusters that MAY fit. However, I don't know if the USED instruments need to be programmed, or can I just plug them in and expect them to work?

I'm thinkin' about buying a used one for 150 bones.

Why would you buy a used cluster for $150, that still has to be programmed, and may have broken pixels when you can go through BMWNA and get a new cluster including installation for $100? You should get in touch with BMWNA following the directions in this thread. Only after they turn you down should you even consider other methods.

You'll see my earlier posts in this thread. Like many others, I am not the original owner, didn't have a complete service history and my car was 6+ years old when I had them replace the cluster. It took a couple weeks, but I have a new cluster for $100.
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