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Originally Posted by Ågent99
So what was special about your case that they aren't willing to pay for 100% of the part?
I was told (by Jay at BMWNA) that my car is too old (1997 BMW 540i 6, produced September 1996), has too many miles on it (114K), and I'm not the original owner, so I would not be able to get a new cluster with BMWNA picking up 100% of the parts cost.

I asked Jay why other 1997 BMW owners had gotten their clusters replaced while only having to pay for an hour of labor. Over and over again, despite my best arguments he kept saying, "We look at this on a case by case basis". The guy is seriously like a broken record. No matter what I said, that was his answer.

Originally Posted by Charlutz
Why would you buy a used cluster for $150, that still has to be programmed, and may have broken pixels when you can go through BMWNA and get a new cluster including installation for $100? You should get in touch with BMWNA following the directions in this thread. Only after they turn you down should you even consider other methods.

You'll see my earlier posts in this thread. Like many others, I am not the original owner, didn't have a complete service history and my car was 6+ years old when I had them replace the cluster. It took a couple weeks, but I have a new cluster for $100.
Like worldtraveler said, it seems BMWNA isn't playing ball anymore. I got the same message from Jay at BMWNA. I talked to Jay twice, tried to negotiate. I was very nice but he just stone-walled. Why would I pay 50% of the part ($300) + an hour of labor ($125 at my dealer) = $425 when I can just get it repaired at, which claims to have better then OEM parts for $199?

It's an economic decision for BMWNA. Likewise it's an economic decision for me to get their crappy cluster fixed elsewhere.

I haven't yet written a letter or anything, but maybe I should document the cases in which people with 1997 540s have gotten the part replaced and then make the case that they're discriminating against me.

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