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Originally Posted by Dr Greco
I am 26 y.o., 6'7" (2.00m), 335lbs (140Kg), played college football and basketball in the U.S. and pro basketball in Greece. He is about 45 y.o, 5'8", 180lbs tops.

Given that I went after him and ended up on top of him (which I should have never done because I broke his clavicle doing so!)......Here is the question?

Would you break the rest of his bones OR have him arrested?

Have in mind that he has vandalized numerous cars.
Well, even if he has vandalized numerous cars in the past, why should that bother you? I don't know what the laws are in Greece, but if the situation would've happened here in the U.S. think about the consequences for a moment. You catch him and beat the crap out of him. You get arrested for assualt because the moment you go beyond physical restraint you're guilty and end up going to jail. It doesn't matter if he's the guilty one or started it. Once a person stops resisting or fighting back, you have to back off. Ever heard of police brutality? If they go to far, they're screwed. Plenty of examples in the past.

Now I know you might want to beat the crap out of him to make him remember, and lets be honest, who the hell wouldn't, but just make sure you hit him really hard the first couple times...then he'll stop resisting anyway

I'm just flaming now. I hate this stupid thread and poll. So many more people said they would beat the crap out of the person, but what people say they'd do and what they actually would do is quite different. Sociology minor here, so yeah, studies have proven that.

I'd get a detailed description, take a picture if I happen to have my camera, call the cops, and help them chase him down. If they don't get there in time, sure, try to restrain him (size permitting of course). Realisticly there's not much you can do, I mean a police cruiser isn't going to come race through traffic endangering others lives just so they can catch someone who is keying your car....they've got better things to do.
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