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Originally Posted by MUrhino
I'd get a detailed description, take a picture if I happen to have my camera, call the cops, and help them chase him down. If they don't get there in time, sure, try to restrain him (size permitting of course). Realisticly there's not much you can do, I mean a police cruiser isn't going to come race through traffic endangering others lives just so they can catch someone who is keying your car....they've got better things to do.
Well....that's kinda what I did! No need for pics, there was an eye witness, who was aware of the vandal's guilty past.

Given that I knew the vandal's're right...I should have let him go. I had a witness! But my first thought was....."GO GET HIM"...he could have been holding a knife or carrying a weapon....that would make my decision a very stupid one!

I did not begin thinking clearly before immobilizing him. As I was seating on his back, twisting his arm, I was actually trying to think clearly and act so I can have my car fixed, not take revenge.

Then the police came. No intentional beating before that, as much as I wanted to.

The temptation though was HUGE! I so wanted to stomp his head on his marble stairs.

You're the court everybody would see a 6'7" 335 lbs man next to an older, much smaller person with a broken would not look too good for me!
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