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96' E38 Radio Auxiliary Input for i-Pod, MP3 Player

Hi All,

Wish my poor English can make you understoon......

I can not find a good solution to modify my original Radio to connect
with i-Pod or MP3 Player from local Audio Shop, And many product sell
on Web-Shop also not explain specification in detail so I think that
I have to find a solution by myself but I think for this almost 1 year and
still no time to do it.... but finaly I done it today.

My Radio is BMW Business RDS(Made by Blaupunkt)P/N: 65 12 8 352 863
CDC is made by Pioneer P/N: 65 12 8 361 058

After I open the Radio's case and dis-assemble mechanical of Tape
player, I found a 28 pins IC produced by SGS-Thomson TDA7318 this I
knew is a "Digital Controlled Stereo Audio Processor" content 4 pair of
R/L input and 4 channel output for L-Front,R-Front,L-Rear,R-Rear.

As I trace the signal source and found something interesting as:

FM Radio - R: Pin 8 / L: Pin 12
Tape - R: Pin 9 / L: Pin 13
CD - R: Pin 11 / L: Pin 15
AM Radio ---> All we knew the AM Radio just single mono signal output
so Blaupunkt make the Print Circuit Board connect Pin 10,14 together
to the AM Radio Single output to get a Stereo Pre-Amp.

What I'm thinking??? Does Anyone still listening AM Radio??? But I'm
sure that will not me!!!

So, I just de-soldering the Pin14 to make it "open" and soldering it
with a signal cable Left Channel and continue soldering PCB14 with a
signal cable Right Channel.

A very important thing is: as original circuit there have a small
connecting capacity connect between Pin 10 and AM Radio Output, It
must be desoldering to open!!! But I'm sorry for that I forgot to
take a picture for this part..

A picture of new auxiliary input cable layout.

Assemble mechanical of Tape player back to position.

Final out side looking.

Install into car to test: CD, Tape, FM Radio all work as normol,
the AM Radio is no sound(Sure! It's not connect to any source yet),
I even turn volume to highest then just got little bit power noise...

Finaly I plug my MP3 Player into this Auxiliary Input, It Work!!!

PS. I don't like to change the original Radio to be any aftermarket
one cause I like to use volume control buttom on steering wheel and
another hand the Radio connected with OBC, I don't want to make any
modify on original's wire system.

Pick 4 channel output of L-Front,R-Front,L-Rear,R-Rear to connect
into a 4+1 power amp might will be my next.
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