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Originally Posted by CSBM5
Speaking of '88 M6 kicking the crap out of Bavaria humiliated numerous E28 M5's and E24 M6's at Summit Point back in the late 1980's . Something about a properly setup suspension (springs, bars, shocks, Alpina bushings, negative camber, 8x16 wheels, Goodyear Gatorback S compound tires and later Yoko A-008R's, and a Korman monster motor with triple sidedrafts , etc.) in the old Bav that the new M car drivers at the time just had a hard time dealing with.

It's kind of funny that I beat the E28 M5 to the E28 M5 look by about 8 years when I started modifying the Bav in 1980 with black trim and all .


P.S. I've been a CCA member since 1980, and I've never felt not welcome at any event, and I've had a wide range of BMWs over the many years.

P.S.S. The Bavaria's soul is alive and well deep in the bowels of my E39 M5 .
Nice story and undoubtedly true, but by your admission all you did was outspend the guys in the M5s and M6s in the suspension and performance goodies department, and apparently were a better driver to boot. But logically speaking, if you swapped cars you would then be spanking the guy with the Bavaria with your M5 or M6. So you see, it had little to do with the car and all to do you with you.

BTW, my M6 is indeed perfectly balanced and I know exactly what to do with it at the track. I doubt a lowly Bavaria would get anywhere near me.

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