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Originally Posted by CSBM5
Well, I could turn 1:32's around Summit Point in the Bav on late 80's A-008R tires which is still a pretty decent time today...the only way an M6 could get close to those times is with suspension work, especially a lot more negative camber up front, and a bit of engine work too. A stock M6 wouldn't have a chance. The Bav would just power away from them on the straights back then. Swapping cars wouldn't have helped that part, and unless the M6 had suspension mods, it wouldn't help to swap in the corners either. One thing the Bav had going for it was a 400+ pound weight advantage which is very hard to make up.

Anyway, those years are long past, and the E39 M5 is a lot more fun, especially with my mods on it.

The point is that the Bavaria was an incredible platform given it was designed in the late 60's just like the E24/E28 is an outstanding platform too. I've got a long history with E28's too. There is suprisingly a lot in common between the two platforms too.
Again, all you did was spend more money on mods. I'll bet you that a stock M6 will run circles around a stock Bavaria around any track. My father in law had a stock Bavaria at about the time I bought my M6 in 1987 and the handling of the two cars was polar opposites in favor of the M6. Then again simple logic tells us that an ///M tuned high performance car will beat a family sedan if they are both stock almost every time.

You are comparing apples (M6) to kiwis (Bavaria), if you get my drift.

Also, since the M6 weights 3,570 lbs., which by today standards - say for instance compared to your M5 - is a lightweight, the Bavaria would have to weight just 3,170 lbs. to be 400 lbs. lighter. Let's just say I'm skeptical about a Bavaria weighting the same as a 320i.

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