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Originally Posted by Wallenrod
One small thing that I can add is structural rigidity. Just go over the bump, especially in a cornering situation. It's a night and day difference. Otherwise, E36 is a more involving car to drive. Depends on what one is looking for in a vehicle.
Are there any available chasis rigidity numbers that bear out this perceived increase in
solidity? I know this comparison has been beat to death, and I know this particular
thread is over a year old, but it's the only one that I've seen that mentions this "difference" in the chasis. I've read that the E36 is louder, rattles more, and
has a more viszeral feel. But after reading recent articles in Bimmer (#49 & 51), I
started to wonder. Bimmer Mag stated that anyone "adding horsepower or cornering
ability, should buy every chasis reinforcement sold..." It mentions everything from
front/rear subframes, front/rear sway bar mounts, and shock mounts as being potential
problem areas. Being that these cars are viewed as being very close performance
wise, though in different ways, this could be a deciding factor for me. I can appreciate
a more direct feel from the M3, but if I have to spend $2500 - 3000 (Bimmer's est)
just to bring it's chasis up to the quality of the 330's, then I had just as soon use that
money to buy the newer car. Since BMWs are just as much, if not more, about
handling than sheer power, the quality/rigidity of the chasis is of utmost importance.
I can handle not being able to take a Corvette in a straight line, but I can't handle tearing
loose suspension componetry while going through a good S-turn.

Any comments or info would be appreciated.

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