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Originally Posted by Liverman
The bottom line is that BMW introduced this in March 2005. If your X3 was built before March 2005, then you do not have voice recognition. Sorry.
Thanks Liverman, for the info. I have a few questions that maybe you can shed some light on?

I have a 2005 X3, built in February 05. (no nav, no premium).

Last week (December 16th) I paid to have my local dealer install the bluetooth option. I thought I would get voice recognition with this. In fact the dealer included the voice recognition manual as part of my paperwork upon leaving (maybe just to taunt me?). But alas, I do not have voice recognition.

So given what you wrote about production times, despite when the rest of he car was built, do you know if you get a TCU installed as part of a retrofit in December 05, should mean you should get voice recognition?

FWIW, the TCU part number the dealer installed in my car is 84-21-6-934-552. In my research, I've discovered this part is really old (in technology time), was the first generation BT TCU, and was EOL'ed in June of 03. BMW is now on the seventh generation TCU, part number 84-10-6-969-268. I question if this is why I don't have voice rec? (BTW, I found this info here: )

Anyone have any ideas? I truly appreciate the advice!!

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