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first with a fiber stick, or if your careful a pick tool. remove hazard lock switch. I found the easiest way was to approach it from the side.I did mar the one I just did and have a new one coming for it. no big deal, it will be used ... well out of a wrecked 645. Anyways disconnect the plug from the back of the switch

there is a torx screw under the switch, it will be vertical either a t15 or t20... remove

next remove the A/C vent, I use a hook tool from inside the vent and pull out on each side.

remove the two philip head screws on each side of the radio bezel.

next remove the boot on the shifter by pullin it up, not off.

remove the ashtray

then reach in the cavity of the shifter and pull up on the plastic piece that held the boot, disconnect the 4 plugs and remove

remove 4 torx head screws that will be visible

partially remove the unit and disconnect the harnesses, then completely remove

with that removed you are now able to grasp the trim bezel from underneath and pry up on it a little to release the clips.

remove the electrical plugs and set the unit aside safetly

remove the 4 philip head screws holding the dvd nav and the cd player in place

put the vehicle in gear and slide the unit out of the cavity.

remove the gps antenna, the radio antenna, the 3 pin plug to the fan, the 10 pin din cable, so your left with the one big square molex connector. squeeze the sides of it and flip the lever down, the plug will come out

next set the radio aside in a safe place

the last harness has the top passenger side plug in it that needs to be removed for the aux input to plug in. Here is the screwed up part, thathad my sleep deprived brain asking silly stupid questions here.

leave the pins in that plug, remove the pins from the other plug (adapter) and insert into the existing plug, if memory serves me it will be 2, 7, and 8. the plug is labeled on the front

now to remove the pins it is pretty simple, look at the one on the adapter first, little tit that holds the cover on, when depressed, it will slide to the right or whatever ay the arrow says. with a pick tool, depress on the tit that holds the pin in the socket, pull back an 1/8" and depress again, because it will most likely get caught up on the opening

remove and reinstall into the existing harness with the pins going in the hole assigned

put everything back together.

don't bother testing till the aux is assigned to the menu via the dealer and his computer

words of advise, use a few towels when removing the panels soas not to scratch. you candisconnect the battery so you willget no fault codes, but i believe that when disconnected the vehicle won't shift out of park.

you might ask why I don't care about fault codes, well your heading to the dealer anyways, they will reset them! that is why

sorry if not completely comprehensive, but I am operating on 2 hours of sleep in the past 57 hours.

Also i willpost a video on the one I did in about 2 hours or so...

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