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Originally Posted by girl_likes_bmw
My ex-roommate and I had an argument this past semester nearly getting in a fist fight.

Some people had stopped us before we got at each other.

Soon after, she left storming from the dorms--little did I know she was going to key my car on the way to her car and to add to my torment, she kicked leaving huge dents on both the front and back doors on the passenger. Scratch marks scribbled on the trunk, along the back, across the "330i" emblem, and all along the passenger side.

That Oldmobile Cutless driving bitch has yet to have been caught. Still in "investigation" by the campus police--also known as rent a cops.

Revenge will be oh so sweet...


Remember, revenge is best served cold.

Sorry to hear about your car. Being in college there are countless ways to ruin her reputation.

You dont happen to have pics of the wench do you?
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