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Originally Posted by chuck92103
They are already comitting suicide now. An M3 with a 425HP V8?

This car will out perform any M5 or M6, or Z8.

So why would folks by the M5/M6?. 100K is a lot of money for a car that won't out perform something costing $40K less.
I agree, as much as I wish it wasn't the truth. Because the way I see it, they are marketed to different people. All IMHO, but the M6 is a land yacht of a coupe, and I'd bet that more big people buy the 6ers than any other BMW coupe. I think plenty of people who buy M3s could probably afford the M6, they just prefer the M3 (be it for size or whatever). The M5 is the perfect sedan, if not a bit large. I bought my M3 because I'm single and don't need four doors. If I had kids I would want the M5, and if I gained a couple hundred pounds or added 6 inches to my height I'd probably be in the market for an M6.

The marketing department at BMW is like the one at Porsche, so my guess is that either they will dumb the car down so that it's outpaced by its more expensive siblings, or they'll just generate their own weaker performance numbers like they did with the S54 M Coupe/Roadster. Hopefully it's the latter.

The M3 should be 'just right' in size for a coupe (but the E92 looks like it's going to be too big). I don't see why they keep making it bigger... the E46 was too big as it was, and now it looks as though it will be growing once again. It would be awesome if they were actually going to make the M3 entirely different, but I would imagine that would be far too expensive to justify.

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