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Originally Posted by Pinecone
Why? It has enough torque to do sub 5 second 0 - 60, 13 flat quarter on street tires.
There were many times when I had to turn and go up a hill from a slow roll in 2nd and the M3 felt underpowered. In that respect it didn't feel much different from my 330i, you really have to get the engine to 4K before it feels "fast." If the new M3 has more low end torque without sacrificing it's high reving nature, and without gaining any weight you won't have any complaints from me.

Originally Posted by Pinecone
Welcome to high performance cars. You want low maintennace, get a standard 3 series or any of the Japanese clones. Real motors have solid lifters and have to have the vlaves adjusted. And every 30 - 60K is NOT often. Often is having them adjusted every 3-5K miles.
Does the M5 need this service? If not then then the M3 probably won't need it either. I wouldn't say that having to get this done on an E46 M3 is a deal breaker but if they can design the E92 M3 so it doesn't need this, then why not? One less thing for me to worry about.
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