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Have you looked at the S54 torque curve?

At 2000 RPM you have 244 pounds feet of torque. At 4000 RPM you have 265 pounds feet (less than 10% more). Peak torque is 4500 at 270. At 6000 you have 257. At 7000 you still have 236 (Hmm, less than you have at 2000). And at 8000 you have 218.

This is what is called a flat torque curve. And the reason the M3 doesn't feel as quick as it is, you don't get that rush as the torque builds as the revs climb, it just keeps on accelerating.

If you want a Honda, buy a Honda. BMW caved to the masses going to hydraulic lifters. They saw the light again and went back to solid ones for performance. And in a high performance engien with hydraulic lifter you can run into the dreaded hard running ticking, like E36 M3s after a hard autocross or track run. Imagine all the people bringing cars back thinking they were defective because of that.

Oh, you do NOT have an E90 M3 on order. At best you are on a waiting list to order one once allocations are available. On order says you have placed an order for a specific car (produciton number) with specific options.
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