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Originally Posted by mchengdds
Thanks for the tips, starting to get use to it some more and enjoying SMG. I was freaked out at first and thought my new car was defective. You would think you spend that much on a car that they would have came up with a software to prevent this. Does anyone know if this happens on the SMG III of the other BMW models?
Yes is happens on all BMWs. All variants, SMG I/II/III use the same premise. In the M6, they added a 7th gear, but it is the same technology that really needs to get updated soon. I would hope that BMW has the next generation out for the new M3.

Read this article about the Audi DSG transmission. This is where everyone is heading. Audi's transmission was designed from the ground up as a SMG replacement/competitor. BMW's SMG is a modified manual transmission with a computer controller/hydraulic gearbox. The article is pretty objective and lists shortcomings of DSG as well. BMW could take the best parts of SMG and DSG and build an awesome transmission that could potentially replace manuals and autos altogether.

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