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Yep, it took place at Downsview park. I took level one, and I must say it was well worth the money ( that's no surprise, BMW's are worth the money too )

In the begining they give you a theory crash course, talk to you about weight transfers, limited grip at the wheels that can be used for acceleration, turning, etc. Show us how to position our seats, how to hold and turn the steering wheel properly ("9 and 3, boys and girls, 9 and 3" could be heard throughout the day when instructor noticed somebody's hands creeping up to 10 and 2). About instructors - very fun guys, who race cars for a living. And boy, they have eagle's eyesight

They also talk about habbits, about attitude adjustments for driving, etc. Trying to make us safer drivers, no doubt

Then we were off to the lot. 4 different excersices:

1 - Understeer (front wheel slip) and its control (A cirle of wet and sealed surface (slick!) and drive in circle at contant speed and then slowly increase your speed. Front end goes wii-i-i-ide. This was done with all electronic assistants turned off)

2 - Oversteer (rear wheel slip) and its control (Same circle as above, a bit lower speed, then lift and accelerate abruptly. Rear end goes fishing Again, all electronic assitants off)

3 - Braking on wet surface (in rain, when you double your speed your braking distance increases almost 4 times) This was done with all electoric trickery off and then on to make us feel the difference.

4 - Obstacle avoidance (they set up a lane of cones, and the end of it they put one in the middle. it was a pretty tight squeeze even at low speed Then they increase your speed to 50 and then 60 and you avoid hitting that centerl cone by going left or right. The cone was named Bart and he got trashed, hehe)

At the end they set up a small slalom course and let us rip at it

We drove manual 2002 330i's, Topaz Blue with M-sport packages....shweet cars. They had no more than 3000km's on them and were super tight, even with all the abuse they see out there. Another group was driving steptronics, they had fun too.

Good times, for sure Level 2. here I come.

At level two they do similar stuff, drive 330i's again and at the end of the course let you drive and M3.
At level three is a two day course, they are going to drive M3 all day at the track, somewhere in Quebec, from what I gathered. Level three is going to be offered next year.

I've been dreaming about an M3 for a while now. After this course, 330i has MORE than enough power for me
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