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Originally Posted by misterlance
You got pulled over for speeding again. Its not the car its you.

you were 17 mph over the limit! Here in Wa at 20 over it turns into a reckless. Maybe a slower car is in order if you cant control yourself. Some of the antique cars I am allowed to drive take a great deal of effort and concentration just to do the speed limit if that.
In CA I believe its when you are 25MPH over the limit... and its not me when I'm going with the flow.. When I go faster than everyone I do admit it, at least on the 'Fest

ED 9/22
ReDelivery 11/18
1st ticket (82 @ 65) 11/22 [gone ]
1st scratch 11/24
2nd ticket (STOP) 11/30 [Talked my way out ]
1st Accident 1/4
3rd ticket (62 @ 45) 2/1
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