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Thumbs up What wristwatch do you wear?

Only kidding, but really curious as to what you guys wear or own. No offense. $20 watches keep great time and make that 330i and insurance more affordable.

But I love watches, too. Often, a man's only jewelry (no offence to the women on the board).

The Bimmer is great and overpriced. And fine timepieces are great and overpriced. My Bimmer timepiece is a stainless Daytona (white face, Rolex movement, solid links, 72 hour power reserve, excellent automatic movement, no battery). It's a chronograph and was first made popular by Paul Newman, Italian pilots and other afficonados. Supply of the stainless is limited to two or four per year per dealer. They cost more than the two-tone (i.e., part gold) Daytonas. Supply, demand, and taste.

If I want another chic magnet to go with the Bimmer, I wear my two-tone sub with blue face. It's the only watch I own that gets noticed by the general public ---- whether in NY, Vegas, or Paluckaville.

But, hey, a Casio, Omega, Tag, Monaco (I might want one of these) are all fine. Hey, they keep time as well as any gold watch. What do you wear?

Hey, your watch will outlast your car.

I know Rolex is looked down on by some. They like Patek, Lange, and look down on Rolex --- but my money's on Rolex due to resale and longevity. Not to say I don't like Patek, Lange, etc...

Anyone else have a different second vice? Collecting digital cameras, great audio equipment (in car or not), investment grade folding knives, matchbooks or something?

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