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Here's some additional information, not sure if it's helpful.
My car is originally an Oklahoma car, not a California car.

After reading more posts, I think I may go the Magnaflow route. If I do buy Magnaflow cats, do I need to buy them 2 spots for the O2 sensors? I read that the 540i has a 2.25" inlet, but the only dual O2 sensor Magnaflow cats that I could find only come in 1.75" and 2" inlet (Part #53064). The Magnaflow parts finder suggests a 2" inlet cat with no O2 sensor holes (Part 53004).

From the Magnaflow website:
"The 53000 Series universal is a small footprint round body universal for use with small displacement engines or as a front converter in dual converter systems."

Are they all weld in or are there bolt ons?

While I'm at it, I think I'll get a stealth downturn tip Magnaflow exhaust.

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