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Originally Posted by se229
It's frustrating to see you guys getting 100% part coverage from BMWNA on similar age/mileage E39's. I was told by "Sofie" at BMWNA this afternoon that they would cover only 50% of the part cost on my '99 540 w/ 60,000 miles. I asked what criteria was she using--it seems like a lot of people are getting 100%.

I mentioned this was my forth Bimmer in 12 years and I am a loyal owner, love the cars, etc. etc. etc. She asked for the VIN's of my 3 previous BMW's, which I spent 1/2 hour on the phone with my insurance agent looking up. I called Sofie back, she wrote down the VIN's and said she'd call me back. But when she did, same answer: "Sorry, 50% is the best we can do for you." I asked her again what the criteria was, and she kept saying, "Sorry, that's the best I can do for you, case-by-case basis, I understand it seems arbitrary, 50% is still pretty generous for an out of warranty part, etc..." I tried to negotiate it down to 50% of the dealer cost to no avail.

Apparently, there's someone at BMWNA (other than the service reps themselves) making these decisions--Sofie seemed pretty positive when I mentioned the 3 prior BMW's I owned, but obviously my case got shot down when she went to get it approved. Maybe they're targeting customers "most likely to purchase a new BMW from a dealer" the next time around?

I can totally understand and relate to what you are saying, and where you are you coming from. I received the exact same response from BMWNA in regards to my pixel replacement. 50% off the part(s), and I would have to pay for labor in addition. After hearing this, I felt the same way after reading posts from other owners with success stories of only having to pay for approximately one hour of labor, and BMWNA covering all of the parts although their car was the same age of mine if not older? I was greeted by the same response......."I'm sorry sir, it's a case by case basis........"

However, after thinking about it........I thought to myself, I wouldn't have even known that something like this program existed unless I had stumbled upon this thread. Yes 100% parts and I pay for labor would be great, but 50% off of parts and paying for 1 hour of labor is much better than paying the full price which ranges from $650-$750. Yes, although it does kind of suck that unfortunately you and I, and several other posters didn't quite get everything we wanted.......however I feel like something is "always" better than nothing.
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