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Originally Posted by Chipster
Bottom line a Saleen is a Mustang with bolt on after market pieces. It's still a Ford with Ford quality serviced by Ford dealers built on a Ford chassis. Don't get me wrong, I have more money in my '05 F250 4x4 CC turbo diesel with a Banks 6 Gun, lift tires and wheels than I have in my 330i. The Ford is good....but it's no BMW

An M3 is a BMW, you will not go wrong with the BMW. Every piece is engineered to work in unison providing you with the ultimate driving experience.

Damn you are one those guys with the 50k trucks

I am not here to argue the saleen vs the m3 and I am not here to justify the Saleen because I am going to get the m3. BUT BUT the Saleen : vert is a bitchin' ride with so much torque I dont know what to do with myself. It is a chic magnet and esp the girls and peeps I am with. whores love stangs

The Saleen exhaust is the prolly the sweetest thing I have ever heard. OMG its like top shelf all the way.

I am purley looking for a fun vert that has 4 seats, with a manual gear box (no roadsters)

A Saleen has more fun factor then a vette hands down. and maybe more fun factor then a m3 (I dunno tho) The vette is old baby boomers and bald guys with beer bellies.

Plus I dont see myself in the future buying the e90 (its looks and the of course the price)

Ive have always wanted an m3 tho. (I would have killed for a 1988 red m3 back in the day)

I will be happy with it
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