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I have experienced jerkiness, and it takes getting used to to get rid of. I have only driven manual cars for the 10 years that I have been driving, so the SMG was a change for me. I prefer a 3 pedal manual, as I don't track the car often enough and don't get stuck in traffic where a clutch would annoy me.

The biggest pain to me is trying to get the heel-toe action down on downshifts, especially to 2nd have to hold the gas pedal down for the car to blip the throttle, not just blip it yourself, which is counter-intuitive in a 3 pedal manual car when heel-toeing.

Opinions will vary on this, but the SMG is enough to make me want to trade the car for a true manual. I have been looking at e39 540i6 cars for a little bit and I will probably go with that. Take my $.02 for what it's worth, but I would think that people who love driving 3 pedal manual transmission cars will not enjoy this transmission very much unless they must have an auto or semi-auto car [for the wife, traffic, due to a handicap, whatever reason].

My advice to anyone considering an SMG is to spend as much time in it as possible prior to making a purchase decision.
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