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Originally Posted by rruiter
1. SMG vs MT. Some people hate SMG but I think that's because they simply don't know how to drive it. MT (at least stock) is too rubbery, too long of a throw. Don't think it breaks more often (it's the same transmission as MT) and have no idea about clutches. Probably depends on how you drive it, just like a MT. Some people never need it replaced, others every 50K.

2. Cabrio is heavier. compromised body structure. No real downsides really but on a sportscar you don't want more weight than needed.

3. probably won't matter. The smg is a 2500 option, that should somewhat reflect in the resale.

4. Are you buying the car for resale or to drive it ? If you are worried about resale you should buy a used corolla and drive it forever.

5. probably not much difference. Remember, it's the same transmission. They just replaced the manual clutch with an automatic clutch, and the shifting is done for you (ie no 'direct' link between the shifter/paddles and the trans.)

All depends on the history. If you can find a very well maintained older model you should get it. My experience was that the people trying to sell the older models are not that far off in price from the newer models. There haven't been that many changes over time. Some cosmetic, and the biggest one has probably been the navigation going from cd based to dvd based.

It's a great car. Don't worry about resale, riding it will more than make up for it. The grin from ear to ear every time you get out is more than worth it.
thks for the reply, Im honestly trying to learn as much as I can about the M3s, for that will be my ultimate car in a few years. Im trying to get my kids thru college and pay off my cars. I have an E90, w/c is an ok.

I'll be ready to get an M in about a year or two, but then I would like to make sure I have no regrets on the type and yr model I get, for that may be my last horrah! (Ive said that couple of cars back BTW)

it would be my trouohy car you can say!

But let me ask this, What is a competition package, seems like alot of money just for some cruise control cption.
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