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Apology for Active Autowerke & the Forum

First a recap FYI: Last year I purchased ac AA SC kit for my 05 ZCP M3 thru Autohaus Bayern in Beaverton, OR. We have suffered problems ever since. I remained kind, patient and generous UNTIL an AA employee initiated gross, unjustified insults.

After those incidents I posted my complaints, concerns, experiences, etc, on numerous websites.

For full details please see my threads in re Active Autowerke SC and Project Loud Red.

Phil has been my main contact w/AA for a while now and he has been a pleasure to deal with lately. Facilitating a WARRANTY reflash and other troubleshooting. The car's not running well .... yet .... but there are some improvements (to be posted as an update to "Project: Loud Red" thread asap).

Recently Phil of AA asked me for an apology and a retraction. But he did NOT elaborate. Nor reply to my PM in that regard. So I dismissed his vague request and forgot about it.

So much for ancient history let's move on to the present .... onward.

I feel that it's my duty to be open and honest at all times; even when it's not in my best interests. WTS, since I have learned that the installer of my Active Autowerke Supercharger for late model SMG M3s deceived me on at least three separate occasions, it's incumbent upon me to set things right. Please keep in mind that they told me, in no uncertain terms, that excepting the skid plate (not installed w/my approval after the fact) they had performed the AA SC kit install EXACTLY as per AA's instructions. EXACTLY!!!

Well, that's not even close to the truth.

The fact is (as some of you and AA have learned) the oil cooler was installed upside down. Although there's no reason to believe that the probs we're troubleshooting were related to the oil cooler, the fact remains that AA are within their rights to DENY warranty service until they've had a personal look at the vehicle and determined that the rest of the install was performed as specified by AA.

I have been placed in an untenable position and am now at AA's mercy. Unless I decide to ship my car to AA at a cost of at least $5K (not to mention the many risks involved).

What did AA do when they learned the install was NOT performed EXACTLY as they required .... AA reflashed my ECU and continued to offer phone tech support!


Please accept my abject apologies for unintentionally misleading you; recognizing that I did NOT know that I was spreading misinformation in re the improperly installed oil cooler.

Peace, Love & Truth,

Richard Allen.
AKA: Ronin.
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