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Originally Posted by tkc
Who was the old man that talked to me at the rest stop about the driving on the way back to norcal? Was that you cosmom3?
I didnt talk to you..but ya I was there listening. You were driving wack on the way down and we had to make sure as to keep the drive up a safe one.

not to menchen Keith....The one who talked to you was told in SB he would be held responsible for any1's crappy you blame us?

For the most part your driving on the way up was A+ except for maybe the camera man hanging out the window...cameras dropping infront of bmw's on the highway (which ive seen) never turns out pretty.

btw....Dont be disrespecting our friends on here such as Keith with "old man" ....if you wanna say stuff like that, say it person so we can deal with it. If we wanted to, we could call you a young punk ass dumb mother ****er who was one of the reasons I got pulled over on friday...but I decide not to. Understand?

Oh and Im being nice.

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