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Originally Posted by Cosmom3
not to menchen Keith....The one who talked to you was told in SB he would be held responsible for any1's crappy you blame us?
Dude, seriously, it's spelled "Mention".... and I didn't say anything about BLAMING anyone.

Originally Posted by Cosmom3
For the most part your driving on the way up was A+ except for maybe the camera man hanging out the window...cameras dropping infront of bmw's on the highway (which ive seen) never turns out pretty.
I don't care how you grade my driving. No one was "hanging out the window". My top was down.... you might be referring to someone else buddy. My passenger stayed in my car.

Originally Posted by Cosmom3
btw....Dont be disrespecting our friends on here such as Keith with "old man" ....if you wanna say stuff like that, say it person so we can deal with it.
Take it easy. I meant to say "older gentleman" but I was typing fast and I can see how "Old man" came out disrespectful. Everyone else was younger kids so I meant the older gentleman. And I wasn't talking about you so get off his nuts.

Originally Posted by Cosmom3
If we wanted to, we could call you a young punk ass dumb mother ****er who was one of the reasons I got pulled over on friday...but I decide not to. Understand?
Oh and Im being nice.
I called him an old man, not a "old punk ass bi+ch mother ****er." You got pulled over because the cop had a reason to pull you over. Did the cop say "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
you: "no, why"
Cop:"Because of that guy that just drove away".....

We were an ass load of BMWs driving... people are getting pulled over no matter what you say. You gonna blame me or whoever else for the guy that got pulled driving into the show that morning? You gonna blame our driving for the guy that got pulled for no front plate and tint? No, they got pulled for their own reasons.

I DO, however, apologize for 2 things.
1) Kieth, I didn't meant to call you and old man, you're a good looking guy and great for putting this together, thanks!
2) I apologize if the CHP scolded you Kieth.
Kieth, you can call my office if you want and I will talk to you since I don't have a number or contact for you. But basically, I've apologized. I heard you were sick or not feeling well, so I hope you get better soon. Thanks again.

Oh, and I don't give a **** if you're being nice or not cosmom.

Forget it guys, I don't even want to do this dvd. It was a great trip but now this whole thing is stupid... AND THE TRIP IS ALREADY OVER. I'm over it. Peace.

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