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TKC: Listen bro I am very sorry If I have offended you and I take back being an ass hole on I should have PM'ed you on the matter and wished better of you next time. I take back my comments reffering to you a F&$&ing a hole or w/e. Im not upset just with your driving its just I was put in a few very dicey situations on the way down with peoples driving and after getting pulled over I havent been able to properly vent on my experiances.

I also appologize for making you my target, it all came out wrong and I dont wish it to be so hostile for thats not who I truley am.

Actually Im pretty excited about seeing your video and see what all the cars look like from different views, and Im sure your great at editing and it will be quite exciting.

Hope you can accept my appology and also consider my position in being so frustrated.


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