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NEVER Buy NEW or Lease

Buying a 2-3 yr old, low mileage high end car is the only way to go. It's still under warranty and most of the time-consuming, nagging NEW CAR bugs have been worked on by someone else. A car like this still looks, smells and drives like brand new but some other poor sucker (NOT U) took the heavy 1st few years depriciation for the Dealer's Starbucks etc. I saved $30k off new on the '03 745i I got w/ 11k miles.

The key is to 1st determine what it is you want, then go on the hunt w/ your list and stay disciplined. The car you want is out there, w/ some willingness on your part to be flexible as to things like colors etc, you just have to be vigilant & patient.

I have bought a 528e, 735i, and a 745i this way. All were warranted when I got them and had low miles . They've had their normal wear and tear issues but for the most part they have served me well.... still got the 735i ('89 model) won't part w/ it, it's beautiful, hardly drive it anymore but odometer says it's got 213k miles!

Now as far as leasing, a lotta payments 24, 36 or 40 friggin 8 & guess what?

They tell ya how much to insure it for, what they're gonna charge ya for repairs above & beyond wear & tear at end of term and they take all your friggin dough and give ya nuthin at lease-end..... they suck and I for one will never, ever lease again. It's a stupid finance vehicle as far as I'm concerned for UNIFORMED Consumers.
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