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Originally Posted by Engines
Buying a 2-3 yr old, low mileage high end car is the only way to go. It's still under warranty and most of the time-consuming, nagging NEW CAR bugs have been worked on by someone else. A car like this still looks, smells and drives like brand new but some other poor sucker (NOT U) took the heavy 1st few years depriciation for the Dealer's Starbucks etc. I saved $30k off new on the '03 745i I got w/ 11k miles.

The key is to 1st determine what it is you want, then go on the hunt w/ your list and stay disciplined. The car you want is out there, w/ some willingness on your part to be flexible as to things like colors etc, you just have to be vigilant & patient.

I have bought a 528e, 735i, and a 745i this way. All were warranted when I got them and had low miles . They've had their normal wear and tear issues but for the most part they have served me well.... still got the 735i ('89 model) won't part w/ it, it's beautiful, hardly drive it anymore but odometer says it's got 213k miles!

Now as far as leasing, a lotta payments 24, 36 or 40 friggin 8 & guess what?

They tell ya how much to insure it for, what they're gonna charge ya for repairs above & beyond wear & tear at end of term and they take all your friggin dough and give ya nuthin at lease-end..... they suck and I for one will never, ever lease again. It's a stupid finance vehicle as far as I'm concerned for UNIFORMED Consumers.

It's pretty silly if you think that you've mastered the secret about buying cars... it's also silly to make a statement that leasing is bad for everyone. Many people are great candidates for a lease. Many people are also candidates for a new car purchase. If you think that buying used is the best way for everyone, you're fooling yourself. Maybe it works for you, but you are not the same as every consumer.
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