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E46 M3's value 2 diminsh when E90 M3 appears? Not right away.

Recall if you will that the E46 M3 had engine crank bearing/lube problems until 2003. I have always been a fan of the maxim, "Never buy a car in its first year of production or one made on a Monday before lunch or a Friday after lunch if you can help it!" All post-2003 M3's should not depreciate as much in the E90 M3's first year in production as they MAY, later. While its Bangled 'eyes' & trunk lid may be moderated a bit, I say that they still may affect sales, causing the E46 to not go down in value as much.

I'd also like to point out that the E46 is the LAST 3 series model to have a place for a spare tire!! That is what prompted me to Special Order one tomorrow in MY favorite, non-production color, interior and 'wood' trim. People with run-flat (un-repairable) tires on a BMW may soon find out what a $700 flat costs them in lost time & $$$! {Counting room & board while awaiting the BMW Mother Ship to rescue/repair.]

Also, as previously stated in this thread, it has been lauded by many as one of the most refined engines ever built. There's certainly little argument on the HP/liter issue!

Of course, if you just MUST have the E90 M3's hard top convertible & can afford what it will cost, GO FOR IT! But wait until @ least 2008.



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