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Originally Posted by kaweahnet
No doubt what you are saying is correct. But honestly, what is the use if you don't live until retirement? I'm all about living for today, and investing in things that have an immediate return like real estate. Then your M3 can be a business deduction.
Here is the difference. I was in my 30's before buying my first bimmer. I owned my home, and had my retirement fully funded along with other investments.

When I bought the new 1997 M3, I wrote a check. I have not had a car payment since I was in my 20's, and that was for a Toyota Corrolla. I am 43 now. If you plan right, smart investments can give you financial freedom, but you have to make the effort up front not later on in life.

An M3 for a business deduction is a stretch and no accountant worth their salt would let that slip by on a tax return.
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