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Originally Posted by tauremini
I believe our price is actually $18.95. If I recall, the last DVD related to Bimmerest was 15-20 min. long and went for $18. OUR DVD is going to be 90 min. at least and covers the Bimmerfest "experience". The caravans, the night-life, the event, the drives, the vendors, and the mis-haps will ALL be included.

If someone has some amatuer video they shot and want to share it at the cost of a blank DVD, that's great, cuz that's all their cost.

Our cost was greater; for the cameras, film crew, equipment, lodging, HD editing, and all other post production details.

This project isn't about profit to us. We're just proving to ourselves that it could be done. We hope to at least cover cost. If not, oh well, the "experience" was great. We are proud to be putting together the Official DVD of Bimmerfest 2006.

Expect the trailer up any day now.
I can't wait for that to come out!! Maybe if im SUPER lucky my whip will be in the trailer...
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