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I enjoyed the 325i for a week myself. overall impression was: i liked it, but i like my E46 better. I notice you never mentioned a thing about the cup holders. They are flimsy and ackwardly placed. Also, when I took a bend at 45mph, my water bottle literally flew out of the damn thing, making the cupholders even more useless than in my E46. The only good ones are in the flip-down armrest in the back seat.
The engine was modest and refined, but found the steptronic mode pretty much useless. I left it in DS mode for sporty driving, and regular Drive for relaxed driving. The push button start is pretty much pointless. I prefer my actual key, because if there was an emergency and the accelerator stuck, I could simply cut the ignition and cruise to a stop. Im not sure how that would play out with the push-button.

The radio controls are complicated and require navigation through a menu to change from CD to AUX to RADIO. Also, there is no dial for backlighting on the dash, as that, too, is also incorporated into a computer menu. There is also no oil dipstick to see how black your oil is. Yes, ladies and gents, its all checked through - you guessed it; the computer.

The turn signal was quite annoying and causes confusion. Its too easy to flick, but it returns back to its "neutral" position after you flick it, so when you try to cancel your signal, you end up signalling in the opposite direction, which can make you look like a jackass that cant figure out his fancy BMW. The cruise control lever is also conveniently removed from the steering wheel (to make room for other silly buttons) and placed right below the turn signal, so when you try to turn it off or on, you could hit that silly turn signal instead.

Apart from these things, I think the engine and drivetrain are great. Styling is nice, too, but I think the new style is more geared towards the ladies this time around. Just my $0.02.
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