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Originally Posted by dspeirs
I equate going to for DRL info like going to Philip Morris for advice on quitting smoking.
Agreed. basically argues against the abundance of evidence supporting the safety benefit of DRL's by a) constructing a conspiracy theory that GM is trying to increase profits!? and b) providing a few "opinions" from individuals of questionable authority that attack published studies.

Also, I'm not sure where people are getting the idea that DRL's "blind" you. "Blinding" and "glare" occurs when there is a dramatic difference in the intensity of a light source vs. ambient light - i.e. a high contrast. When it's already sunny outside, the difference in intensity between daylight and a light bulb isn't really that much. Shine a flashlight into somebody's face in broad daylight and they'll hardly be bothered. On the other hand, consider ordinary headlights when it's dark outside...THAT is blinding. Similarly, take that same flashlight and shine it into someone's face in a dark room - big difference.

Finally, nobody is saying that in poor weather, people should use DRL's only. Obviously, if headlights/taillamps should be turned on, they should be turned on. DRL's are meant for daytime use under conditions where you wouldn't ordinarly need headlights.

Next time you go out driving, look in your rearview, especially in the late afternoon -- which cars tend to stand out more, and which ones blend in with the background? You might surprise yourself to realize that it's the cars with DRL's that are easy to see.

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