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Originally posted by jk330i
Just for fog? Is there a set law on this? Where is it in the book? Tell me please. Does it say in the manual turn on your fogs just for fog only? Interesting... does it also say you must all have DRLs activated during the day
Maybe it is a little different here in Finland where it can be a good thing to have fog lights - if they are aimed correctly. The weather is often bad as are light conditions. However, it is annoying as hell to be driving at someone with their 1973 Ford Escort RS (roll cage, 5 point belts, fart pipe ...) that has all 4 100W fog lights on - and it is two in the afternoon. To be honest, bright fog lights or high beams seem brighter in daylight than at night!

I ordered my 3er WITHOUT fog lights. They are useless anyway until someone comes up with a way to make these that effectively do what they are supposed to.

The DRL are not an issue here because you must have your lights on 24/7. My car memory is set so that if the car is running, so are the headlights. If the key is in position 1, then only the parking lamps are on.

And BTW, the "pathway lighting" (car memory) is a waste of energy! Just my 0.02 worth ...