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Delphini asked about a 5 speed swap. Ive done countless hours of research on this swap over the past few months . I just always had my little 318 with the 5spd. But my 325is wasnt. Now that i have my cabrio theres no choice im going 5 speed. So heres a list of what you will need.

5 speed transmission 100$ (junkyard)
Driveshaft for a 5 speed 25$(junkyard)
brake and clutch pedal 20$ (junkyard)
gear shifter and mechanisms 20$ (junkyard) perfect time to get shortshift kit
shift knob ($?depends on preference)
brake fluid resivoir 20$ (junkyard)Most have clippable nipple on the right front side So a replacement might not be needed.
clutch kit 239$(always new)
shift boot 11$
new guibo 40$
new transmission mounts 30$
transmission support (metal part) from 325i or E 15$ (junkyard)

If you have owned your car long enough you will know what all of this is. If you have no idea how to even start. I recommend owning your car a little longer and researching This list will help you get up a price list if nothing else. I located a local junkyard over the phone and got this list. My recommendation is to find a complete 5 speed e30 in a junkyard and remove all of the components. Make sure it doesnt have like 240K
The automatic transmission has a switch on the shifter. If its not in Park it wont start. So you have to remove that switch and hardwire it. I have heard rumor of the cruise control acting up when a swap is done. I guess ill have to find out and let you guys know

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